The North Brisbane Weightlifting Association Inc. is based at O’Callaghan Park, 340 Zillmere Road Zillmere. Our club offers an exceptionally high standard of training  and coaching expertise ideal for developing Olympic weightlifters from beginner level to elite.


A diverse range of athletes regularly train at the North Brisbane Weightlifting Club, with men and women aged in their teens, right through to masters competing in the +65years age bracket.  This unique training environment fosters a strong community spirit within the club, and makes for a positive atmosphere for newcomers to learn in, regardless of their background or previous lifting experience.  We welcome all levels.





To be the best honey badger that you can be you must be

Prepared to work hard and be strong

Take a fearless approach and train ferociously and your career at this great club will be long.


Strive to achieve what you’ve set out and said

Great efforts will reap great rewards

Lift with your heart and not with your head and your successes are sure to be broad.


Dig deep as you can when times are dire. 

All true honey badgers fight to the death

Then you’ll prevail when it goes down to the wire,

so don’t give up till you’ve breathed your last breath


Pay respect to your coach and those senior to you

Listen and learn from them all that you can

Promise them you’ll do the best you can do work in together to create a strong plan


Be polite and accepting of all different moulds

Love thy fellow lifter, no matter who. 

Keep your door open to those young and old. 

All badgers all fight for the same causes as you 


This club is not built on great lifters, it’s great people

That make our foundations so strong

So chip in for your club and give it your all

Compete, coach and volunteer all day long


Smack talk and laugh, crack jokes while you train

There’s no taking yourself too seriously

Sadness and crying’s for when you’re in pain

So suck it up and train happily


Weightlifting may be an individual sport

But in this cub you’re a part of a team

So help one another like you’ve been taught

And live the great Honey Badger dream


David derose

Creator and founder of the Honey Badger weightlifting club