• Stay home if unwell.

  • Each person must have an electronic appointment prior to arrival:

    • Please restrict to one booking (2-hour session) per day.

    • You can manage your bookings by creating an account with Acuity Scheduling (see footer)

    • You can book or cancel within 30 minutes of each session.

    • If cancelling a session, please give as much notice as you can.

    • The gym must not exceed 8 lifters and 2 coaches at any one time.

  • Persons are to arrive at rostered time, dressed and ready to train. Showers closed.

  • Avoid arriving early.  If unavoidable, wait outside until your scheduled time.

  • Wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitiser upon arrival

  • ALL persons must record full name, date/time of arrival/exit in the sign-in book. Bring your own pen where possible.

  • One person per platform unless shared with one other member of your household. The maximum number of people permitted in the gym remains as stated above.

  • Wipe down your equipment and chair before and after use with the sanitiser and disposable cloths provided. Dispose cloths in bin provided.

  • Setup your designated platform with bar and weights, squat racks, cleaning equipment and a chair.

    • NO sharing of plates, collars and small equipment between platforms.

    • NO sharing of personal items (wraps, straps, belts, towels, water).

    • NO “spotting” allowed, unless between two members of the same household.

    • Where possible, minimise transmission of larger equipment between platforms. Where equipment must be transferred between platforms (for example, squat racks, wooden jerk blocks) it must be sanitised before and after.

    • Avoid activities that breaks the 1.5m social distancing rule. For example, moving large equipment requiring a two-person lift.

    • Minimise movement around the gym where possible.

  • Bring your own chalk and container to each session (not to be stored at NBWA). Chalk bowls must not be shared.

  • Bring your own clean towel to each session to cover equipment/benches.

  • Do not touch your face. Bring a separate towel to wipe your face. Do not use this on equipment.

  • Bring enough water for your training session. The water in taps is for hand washing only.

  • No food must be consumed in the gym.

  • You must not use the showers at the gym.

  • Dispose of all rubbish in the plastic bin provided. Do this so others do not have to touch it.

  • Obey the signs on bench seats and walls for social distancing.

  • Always maintain 1.5m social distance especially around entries and exists to the outside, toilet area and the storage room.

  • Only one person permitted in the storage room and hand washing sink at any one time.

  • You are encouraged to download the COVID Safe app.

  • Allow ten minutes to clean your equipment and chair. You must have cleaned your equipment and be walking out the door at your scheduled finish time.

  • Remember: ‘Get in, Train, and get out’.


Hand sanitiser and cleaning products are provided by the club.

Our formal COVID-19 policy is evolving. Please be aware there will be changes.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in getting us back to lifting safely