• Any member who uses the gym does so voluntarily and at the individual’s own risk.  The NBWA will not be liable for any injury sustained by any person as a result of using the gym equipment.

  • Children under 15 years of age must be under the control of a parent/guardian or coach.

  • All equipment is to be used for its intended purpose in a safe manner and returned to the correct racks.

  • Space in the gym is limited. Please leave your personal belongings in areas that do not impact others’ workouts.

  • Ensure that any NBWA member has approved their image to be used for social media prior to posting their image on personal accounts, business accounts or NBWA official accounts.

  • Members must endeavor to follow NBWA COVID Safe Protocol 



  • All members must have an electronic appointment booked prior to arrival. 

  • All members must sign the attendance book on entering the gym, recording their time of arrival and departure.

  • The last person out of the gym is responsible for closing and locking all internal and external doors and windows as well as turning off all lights, fans and the stereo.

  • All equipment faults must be reported to a member of the NBWA committee as soon as practical.


Gym Rules

  • Lifters competing in club competitions must be current financial members of the Queensland Weightlifting Association (QWA).

  • No member is to coach or instruct others for personal profit without prior approval from the NBWA committee.

  • In extenuating circumstances – and on approval by committee – a member can make a written request for a pro-rata of membership fees to be credited.


Behavioural Conduct

NBWA Members and casual visitors are to practise appropriate gym etiquette for the safety and well-being of all members by:

  • Abiding by the Good Sports Policy on alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking and safe transport (full transcript available on request)

  • Respecting the rights, dignity and worth of others.

  • Refraining from any form of abuse, harassment, bullying, discrimination or victimisation towards others directly or indirectly including online. This includes: verbal abuse including shouting, swearing, teasing, making belittling remarks, persistent unjustified criticism, spreading malicious rumours and intimidation.

  • NBWA has a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, harassment and discrimination, including cyberspace platforms.

  • Offending persons will be issued one formal warning prior to termination of membership.


Adapted from AWF Member Protection Policy November 2017


Thank you

Updated 7 June 2020